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Bring on Bamboo and Lose the Plastic.....

Bring on Bamboo and Lose the Plastic.....

Top 3 Reasons why Using Bamboo Is Environmentally Friendly.

 Using disposable, single-use plastic items is contributing to the destruction of our oceans globally, whilst producing plastics emits an incredible about of carbon into our environment. With this in mind, many consumers and businesses are switching to sustainable alternatives.

 Bamboo is one of the main eco-friendly solutions to single-use plastic items currently available. And whilst many people know that bamboo is generally good for the environment, not many people know why.

 So, here are just a few reasons why we should all be using bamboo and ditching nasty plastics! 

Reason 1: Bamboo is a TRUE Organic Solution.

 Many bamboo products are completely natural. Bamboo is strong, durable and safe to use, which means many companies can make products such as bamboo straws without using a single chemical or pesticide.

 Other sustainable alternatives often need chemicals during the growth stage, but not bamboo!

 Reason 2: Bamboo is Readily Available and Grows in Abundance!

 Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet. In regions with heavy rainfall such as South-East Asia, bamboo forests are plentiful. To give some context, the region of Thanh Hoa in Vietnam is home to enough bamboo to supply the whole of Europe with bamboo cutlery for one year. That’s a region smaller than New York State!

 Reason 3: Buying Bamboo Helps Communities in Need!

 Bamboo grown outside of China is mostly harvested by small scale, rural communities. People in these regions are in desperate need of a financial boost and buying bamboo products can really help their local economy!

 In summary, Bamboo rocks and plastic sucks!

 Let us know if you have any other reasons to start using bamboo in the comments below:

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  • Judith Blackford
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