Our Story

Our Story for Sustainable and Vegan Products


Our Story

 My name is Jude, and I am the founder of Rosy Posy Petals.

When Rosy Posy Petals came into my life, I wanted to build a business that had the environment in mind, that would make a difference, and that would help to preserve the planet for future generations to come.

Everything that you will find in this store has been thought about and put together with sustainability as it's number one priority.  We love our planet and want to continue to care for it for generations to come.

Rosy Posy Petals is a down to earth, home led business and we hope that we can make a difference and help to preserve this planet, even if just in a tiny way, because if we all make a tiny effort, it has got to help.

Join me in my plight and let's preserve this world.